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Hello everyone and welcome to our enchantrix switch site! We are most excited to welcome you all to a brand new side of the Enchantrix Universe.
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First, What Is A Switch? Let’s Dive In!


From a starting point, when most are considering a BDSM relationship, we tend to mostly focus on the Dominant and submissive roles.

Yet, in reality,  there are so very many more intricate categories related to BDSM play, which populate the kink spectrum.

Essentially a Femdom Switch Mistress is someone that can be BOTH Dominant and Submissive.

It is someone who enjoys and is capable of switching roles, from Dominant to submissive, or bottom to top, and is fully aroused by both roles.


WHAT IS A FEMDOM SWITCH MISTRESS? Definition, Meaning, Examples

Being a femdom switch mistress is actually a lot more popular than you think.  The Switching from Dom or sub can be magnetic, erotic, and exhilarating


So, let’s unpack this, shall we?


  • Remarkably Switching doesn’t always involve a sexual relationship, it can be present in all sorts of social situations, friendships, business relations etc. 
  • You may find yourself fulfilling the role of a Dominant with a certain partner or playmate, yet become the perfect submissive with another person. (In my case, I’m almost always a dom here on LDW, but with my male partner, I often and happily,  let HIM take the lead).
  • You may truly and fully enjoy switching, and being fluid in the D/s dynamics,  but your role interests will be towards a very specific role, it’s all about evolution, and self discovery.
  • Some couples who are very involved in the BDSM lifestyle, or even Cuckold Play,  enjoy taking turns and switching in order to fully experience as much of their fetish and push boundaries to enhance their kink experience.
  • We are complex sexual creatures and all sexuality will evolve and change, psychologically and physiologically, with different partners, different situations, and life experiences. You will find that as your life changes, switching may become crucial in order to fulfill an emotional need, desire or finally trusting a partner enough to do so and expand, stepping out of your sexual comfort zone.
  • If You enjoy both being spanked and getting on top during a  hot sex session to take control of it, Then you can relate to being a switch, or possibly becoming one.
  • Going between dominant and submissive roles in bed, depending on mood and/or partner, is a perfectly normal and natural way to explore and express your sexuality and your relationship.
  • When people begin identifying as a Dominant or as a Submissive, there is a very good chance that eventually they will get curious and want to explore the flip side.
  • Bear in mind, that it’s perfectly normal  when you primarily feel more submissive or dominant. It is usually the case where you feel connected to being submissive as it truly fits your need, situation, and relationship.
  • It’s also quite prevalent, to engage in experiments with role reversal in your bedroom, relationships, or by maturbation to different fantasies.
  • What BDSM is truly about, is exploration and expression, Venturing into different and sometimes contradictory levels of this kink to find what really works for you best.
  • And, again, it is simply the fact that  human sexuality is not fixed, permanent and pre-determined ; EVERYONE’S sexuality and interests evolves as they experience new things, new partners and exposure to varying circumstances.

For instance, my Clients, a married couple, that I have been working with for years, has been involved in the BDSM and Cuckold lifestyle for a few years now. 

The Husband is not submissive, the wife is, and as I was guiding them in Cuckold play, and swinging, the submissive wife asked me if I can teach HER how to be a Dom, and if I can teach her husband to be submissive. We have been changing our sessions, and it’s quite and exhilarating journey. 


WHAT IS A SWITCH? Is Switching For You? 

 A Closer Look At Switching 


This can be a bit of a complex issue. Here is why: many subs believe that a Dom should ALWAYS be a Dom. They need to know their Mistress Or Master cannot submit, to anyone or anything.

In some cases, submissives believe that if a Mistress Plays a submissive role, it may effect the entire relationship dynamics.
However, there are many cases that switching roles from time to time livens up the relationship, opens new avenues and insights into BDSM play, that would otherwise may  have not been possible. 

As in every sexual, relationship, and kink/fetish play, I ALWAYS stress the great importance of this Code Of Conduct:
First And foremost Communicating Is Key.
Set some rules, be open and honest, and mostly HAVE FUN!

Have you ever been in a situation with your partner, wife, girlfriend where a certain status quo has been established, in your relationship, interactions and sex life, and you wish to explore it’s direct opposite? Switch things up?

It IS possible, and highly recommended. Expened Your sexual horizons and enhance your sexlife dynemics to unlock hidden passions, desires and fulfillment you never knew you had.

Rest assured, with the expert guidance of a Mistress who is a switch, your new adventures and exploration are only a phone call away! You can apply all the principles you’ve been taught here, by Expert Dominatrix and Femdom Mistresses, to apply in your own life, where you can turn the tables and be a Dominant to your wife and girlfriend, and if they are open to this, it most certainly be a fantastic way to enjoy kink play.



Oh I’m so glad you asked !!!


It does appear, for the most part, the roles of the BDSM lifestyle participants fits into a specific category.

They are either submissive or dominant, with varying degrees of how involved they are in their specific kinks, sensual, moderate, advanced or extreme.

However, in my vast experience both as a lifestyle Dominatrix and a Distance Domination Mistress ,BDSM is an extremely complex full spectrum kink and fetish play.

The Domination, Submission and Kink Play encompasses as many variables as there are humans on this planet, and Your interests and exploration are just as unique to YOU.

So if you have doubts and even though you are very interested in learning and evolving, heightening your perception and capabilities, learning how to become a switch yourself, we can give you the tools, techniques and methods to do so right here. 

 As Multi Level Dominatrix and a Submissive switch, I’ve developed and launched my ID/Domination that will allow me to help you in YOUR evolving domination and submissive needs, TEACH YOU how to be the perfect Dominant, a Perfect submissive or a fully evolved Switch.  

You can read more about my methodology here:
Alina Sky Method FingerPrint Sessions

Personally, I find that in the RIGHT circumstances and with the RIGHT person, we can all defy our preconceived notions, set boundaries, and surprise even ourselves. .



And does it make her less of A Dom?


Oftentimes, when I interview a new client, where we start to establish our D/s  relationship, it’s vital that we are both as honest and open as possible.

So, I was asked this very question. –

“Mistress Alina, If you are a True Dom, a Femdom, A Mistress and an Alpha Female, how can you POSSIBLY be a switch and be a full dom at the same time?”

I will tell you all what I’ve told him, and my story is fairly similar to many Alpha females and Femboms Mistresses out there, who experiment with switching. 

  • First and foremost I am, in my very core a 100% Dominant, Alpha Female, and Born To Rule. I have never had any doubts about this, nor my True Core Identity and Nature. 
  • Women will always be superior to men, always, no question. We are adaptable, we can camouflage better, and no matter our roles, we are always in control, it’s just that most men don’t realize it. And that’s fine by us. We are good at Stealth Mode. And that’s what makes us, at times, extremely dangerous. 
  • When you attempt to Dominate a Dominatrix, and you are privileged enough to be allowed to do so, NEVER FORGET: You WILL be measured, You will be Weighed, You will be Judged, so make SURE you are never found wanting. 
  • Basically, We are the experts, so make sure you fully understand what it is to be a True Dominant.
  • Curious how to become a Dominant? Here is another reason why I personally got into switching I’m an EXCELLENT TEACHER. I’ve instructed men, women and couples in how to function in the BDSM lifestyle, and trained many men in how to be the Dominant their partner wanted (this has endless variations depending on the couple and their BDSM goals).
  • When I personally decide to switch, UNDERSTAND that I am going a 100% against my TRUE NATURE and CORE IDENTITY and despite that, I AM A MASTER at controlling my responses, emotions and reactions to achieve the perfect switch and submissive responses to whomever is dominating me at the time. That is true control. There is no greater power than the power over oneself by mastering your own reactions and emotions, no matter the situation.
  • In my True Form as a Dominant Mistress, the fact that I can OCCASIONALLY play with switching, HAS NEVER compromised my ability to be strict, sadistic and utterly ruthless, and as hard core a Mistress you could ever imagine. Feel free to take a look hereAlina @ Mistress Of Mean and here – Alina @ Strictest Mistress  So, NEVER doubt my capabilities because you will do so at your own peril.
  • Now that I have your attention: I welcome the opportunity to switch because I LOVE PUTTING MYSELF OUTSIDE MY OWN COMFORT ZONE and MASTERING that existence.  Consider THIS your Official Invitation to try your hand at Dominating a Dominatrix. (it will be fun, I promise).




Now I know this is a lot of information to take in, but this is also going to be the most exhilarating journey for all of us, and hey, we need all the fun thrills we can get so try your hand with our Dominate a Dominatrix Challenge !

To help you get started, please have a listen at an episode I’ve done with Mistress Harper Called “How To Switch” You can listen to the show’s recording and our discussions of the subject here: HOW TO SWITCH WITH Ms Harper and Ms. ALINA.

And here is my personal take of becoming a Switch, You can read about it right here:  Surprise – I’m A Switch!

In closing, We are delighted and excited to welcome you all to a brand new and alluring side of the Enchantrix Universe, where you will find and share untold pleasures, and the seductive opportunity to become a Master to A Dominatrix who is a switch, and now will become YOUR submissive!

Welcome to the enchantrixswitch.com Femdom Switch Mistress Experience!